Nail Your Intention


Goodbye, 2018 you were likely the best year of my life so far!

I can’t even count the blessings (and it’s not just because I’m still a little hungover right now…shhh). It started with a SXSW Official Selection for ARE WE GOOD PARENTS the film I based on my relationship with my youngest sister and ended up connecting with so many people in a way wouldn’t dare to imagine. I didn’t really allow myself to think that optimistic all the time. I’d done it in the past and only ended up disappointed. So I learned to be hyper-realistic on the verge of pessimistic. Although, I’d still say I’m too hopeful to be truly pessimistic. This movie was a joy to make and I had an awesome team of filmmakers who joined me on my next short HANGRY. I’ve had some great New Years Resolutions that brought some cool people in my life and made me stop a smell the rose (literally!) One year I was going to a garden every month. It was inspired by the previous year’s going to a museum every month. But these last two years I’ve done nail art.

Let me explain. 2016 was a really rough year. All the way to NYE night when I was so frustrated, pissed off, and tired. I’d already planned to get my nails done for a night out but on a whim decided to make a reminder for myself on my nails. Nail intentions, I guess🤷🏿‍♀️ I painted them black with a gold line down the middle. “Focus on the goal ahead and let the bullshit fade to black.” That’s what I did! I finally finished my short THE WATER PHOENIX which had gone through two rounds of crowdfunding, two years of development, two years of production, and eight months of post-production lag because of lack of money. But it was done! Before that one was finished I’d already started working on my second short — the fore-mentioned and now AT&T Shape Award Co-Winner — AWGP. Which due to more experience producing music videos LADYBOSS, I DON’T CARE ABOUT AWARD SHOWS and short film WAKE THE RIDERLESS HORSE had a much smoother process than my first baby. After that, I was tapped to be a part of Robert Rodriguez's REBEL WITHOUT A CREW and I met awesome filmmakers who taught me a lot and inspired me to adjust hyper-realistic on the verge of pessimistic thinking. By the end of the year I looked back a realized that I did exactly what my nails had hoped for. I focused on my goals, produced, directed, edited, and wrote towards them. So I decided to do it again!

Though 2017 was definitely an improvement, it was still a very hard year financially and emotionally. I felt isolated because I was only working and not really hanging out with any friends. I was working my ass off but not really seeing the benefits yet. I painted my nails white with gold dots all over. “Surround myself with light and gain the rewards of my hard work, big and small.” Y’all when I say it happened, I mean it ALL HAPPENED... Every time I thought nothing else exciting would happen for the year, that I was content with what had already made it’s way to me MORE WOULD COME! Travelled to see my sister and little niece in Croatia, saw family in London, went to New York for the first time for a festival, won an award at the festival, got representation, shadowed a director I deeply admired, was accepted into a WeForShe’s DirectHER program, launched my first website, shot a new short film and teaser for it. I seriously could go on. But the bottom line is I’ve got love for 2018. It put many smiles on my face.

So what are my “nail intentions” for 2019? Green tips with film and quills. “Write and direct that money.” Is the third time a charm? Let’s find out 💅🏿

Bola Ogun